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In Shark Tank South Africa, entrepreneurs go up in front of a panel of esteemed successful South African business moguls, known as the “sharks”, who are willing to invest their own money and time in deserving and potentially lucrative business ideas. The trick is in convincing these highly critical and experienced sharks that it will be worth their while to bankroll your business, product or invention.
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S1 | E2 10 October 14:00

'S1/E2'. Business tycoons Gil Oved, Romeo Kumalo, Marnus Broodryk, Vinny Lingham and Dawn Nathan-Jones are presented with some rather unusual proposals this week. Will they invest in a submarine or rugby tool?

Telkom Tips

18 December 19:00

Telkom Tips 24: When They Say No

Gil talks about dealing with rejection from an investor.

18 December 18:30

Telkom Tips 23: Tracking Trends

Dawn sheds light on new ways to track trends in the market.

11 December 10:55

Telkom Tips 22: First Things...

Before you attempt to valuate your business, here’s what Romeo says you should do first.

11 December 10:49

Telkom Tips 21: Time is of the...

If you want Marnus to invest in your business, this is how soon he expects a return.

04 December 19:00

Telkom Tips 20: Mentorship

Gil answers the popular question on the importance of mentorship.

04 December 18:30

Telkom Tips 19: Post-Investment

Dawn discusses how she interacts with entrepreneurs after making an investment.

27 November 17:25

Distributing Your Product

Romeo talks about the best way for entrepreneurs to distribute their products. 

27 November 17:31

Telkom Tip 17: Manifesting Your...

Marnus shares on what the first step is to turning a great idea into a business.

20 November 19:00

Telkom Tips 16: How To Market...

Vinny shares the value of knowing who your market is.

20 November 18:30

Telkom Tips 15: Bad Advice

Dawn Nathan-Jones tells entrepreneurs not to be deterred by misleading advice.

13 November 19:05

Telkom Tips 14: A Successful Pitch

Marnus shares his top five tips for making a successful pitch.

13 November 19:00

Telkom Tips 13: Looking Back

Dawn reflects on the advice she would have given her younger self.

06 November 19:00

Telkom Tips 12: When the Going...

Gil discusses the ups and downs of making it in the business world.

06 November 18:30

Telkom Tips 11: More...

Hear what Vinny would have told his younger self.

30 October 18:30

Telkom Tips 10: Networking

Gil shares his thoughts on engaging and connecting with people.

30 October 18:30

Telkom Tips 9: Retrospective...

Romeo reflects on entering the corporate world.

23 October 19:00

Telkom Tips 8: The Importance of...

Marketing expert Gil Oved discusses the importance of branding.

23 October 18:30

Telkom Tips 7: Delivering a...

When it comes to delivering a successful pitch, it’s all about telling a good story.

16 October 18:50

Telkom Tips 6: The Business of...

The Sharks share how they use social media in their businesses and in their personal lives. 

16 October 18:50

Telkom Tips 5: Drop the Dead...

Marnus talks bad habits entrepreneurs need to drop in order to be successful in business.

09 October 19:00

Telkom Tips 4: Best Business for...

The Sharks share advice on the kinds of businesses that will generate the safest return on investment.

09 October 18:30

Telkom Tips 3: Business Partners...

The Sharks clarify the distinction between business partners and investors.

02 October 18:40

Telkom Tips 2: What To Say About...

Here’s what Sharks want to hear from entrepreneurs about how you’re going to use the money.

02 October 18:39

Telkom Tips 1: Common Mistakes

The Sharks give an overview of the most common mistakes they saw from entrepreneurs.