#MKRSA: Fire It Down

Five remedies for your tongue when you can’t handle the heat.

12 June 2018

Kim and Pashi added a touch of spice to the latest episode of My Kitchen Rules SA…literally. Check it out below.

Most of the contestants relished the flavourful burn, but others were tearing up. Does that sound like you when it comes to spicy food? If you can’t handle the heat, we have five helpful remedies to douse the fire in your face.


Always reaching for water when you’re eating spicy food? Rather go for milk, or even yoghurt. Dairy is a good way to cool down the burn, which is why a dash of dairy is sometimes used in spicy cuisine. 


When wine flows so do words, but it can also banish the burn. But alcohol (and water) is only a temporary solution, so rather stick to a glass of milk.


Our favourite remedy by far! Milk chocolate is more effective than dark chocolate, and of course chilli-flavoured chocolate won’t help at all.


A glass of milk or bar of chocolate may not complement the dish you’re serving. So, if you’re throwing a dinner party and want to give your guests a little relief, consider a bit of fancy bread or two.

More Spice

Train your palate to handle the heat by trying out more spicy dishes. Why not start with Kim and Pashi’s Bunny Study? You can get the recipe here.

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