#MKRSA: End of the Road for Maritsa and Maradine

Another team is eliminated on My Kitchen Rules SA.

10 September 2018

In Sunday’s (9 September) intense episode of My Kitchen Rules SA, married couple Maritsa and Maradine from Bloemfontein, one of the top performing teams in the series, were eliminated from the local reality cooking competition. Maritsa, a whizz at meat dishes, and dessert queen Maradine, impressed their fellow competitors and celebrity judges David Higgs and J’Something from the start of the series, but found themselves in a Sudden Death cook-off against Kim and Pashi, after failing to impress in a conscious-cooking challenge.

The remaining six teams had to pay special attention to being eco-friendly in their cooking, where the teams were given 30 minutes to create a vegetarian dish, with only 4 litres of water and minimal wastage. Donald and Luyanda enjoyed immunity and were exempt from the challenge, leaving the five teams fighting for their lives. With the most wastage, Kim and Pashi and Maritsa and Maradine found themselves in the sudden-death elimination round. To stay in the competition and the kitchen, the teams had to create a dessert using three well considered and different elements within two hours. Dessert queen Maradine was feeling confident, while Kim and Pashi were left feeling intimidated and nervous.

Cooking for their place in the competition, Maritsa and Maradine made a sparkling wine poached pear with vanilla sponge cake and vanilla ice cream while Kim and Pashi prepared a sweetcorn ice cream with white chocolate swirl and cumin mielie cake – a risky choice since they were pitted against the dessert queens! 

Expectations were already high for the Bloem couple, as the judges were blown away with their dessert during the Instant Restaurant phase, “at this stage of the competition, whatever they do with the poached pear, has really got to stand out,” judge David said. Although Maradine was feeling confident, Maritsa was not in a comfortable spot – baking a cake for the first time in twenty-five years and poaching pears! With so many technical elements to produce and Maritsa depending on Maradine for direction, the couple was put under an extra amount of pressure but managed to deliver a strong dish.

The judges were faced with a difficult decision in deciding who deserves to stay in the competition, with two superb dishes presented by two strong teams. Judge David commended Maritsa and Maradine on their technical strengths, “the technique shown today in your dessert, is fit for the professional kitchen,” and lauded Kim and Pashi for using one element, corn, as the hero of the dish.

Ultimately, the differentiating factor between the two desserts was flavour and presentation, where Maritsa and Maradine fell short. Their dessert was traditional and safe and didn’t pack the flavour that it promised which meant that it was the end of the road for their My Kitchen Rules SA journey. “Such a huge honour just to be here. Just standing here now, it’s hard, because for her, it’s very important,” an emotional Maritsa said. 

Next week on My Kitchen Rules SA, the home cook teams are required to mimic art in their dishes in the third People’s Choice Challenge of the local cooking competition. Which teams will be inspired and which team will go home? Tune in next week to catch all the action.

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