All the things #MKRSA is teaching us

No need to go to school for a (bunny) study with My Kitchen Rules SA in the mix

11 June 2018

My Kitchen Rules SA is serving up a generous helping of food, drama and even a bit of an education. Here are all the things we're learning, courtesy of our favourite cooking competition.

David and JSomething are everything

If this was Destinys Child, both our TV husbands David Higgs and JSomething, would be the Beyoncé of the group. Suave, good-looking, charismatic restaurant-owners? What more could you ask for! Basically, these two are the head-chefs-in-charge in this 'kitchen we call life' thing. When will your faves ever?

“Shook” is a perfectly okay response

Make like Tee when saw the skulls and add ‘shook’ to your vocabulary. When your debit orders go off, Tweet “Shook” and @ your bank. Feeling judge-y watching Susan from accounts shaking her “groove thang” at the Christmas Party? Whisper “shook” directly into your drink. You get the picture.

Sometimes seafood tagine can taste like tinned fish curry

It could be the whole ‘from the ocean’ thing (we could be wrong), but sometimes, people might think your seafood tagine tastes a lot like tinned fish curry. And that’s ok. Palates and food experiences differ a great deal - and some foods are much closer than we all think, so anything's possible.

Don’t ever say “gravy”. It’s “jus”

Unless you want fancy-pantsy foodies to rip you to shreds and eat you alive. And they will. Just ask Rox of Rox and Spoen. When she thought she needed more gravy, she actually needed more jus. Hi, Tarryn and Diego.

Don’t take shortcuts. Ever

Kim and Pashi’s panna cotta stole the show last night – and not in a good way. Instead of giving their dessert enough time to set, our Durban-based duo tried to speed things along by tossing everything in the freezer. The result? 1). Hearts breaking all over the show and 2). No one asking for seconds. Golden rule: Make sure everyone asks for seconds!

Always have a plan

Last week, Adrie and Jalal lit up their fireplace and used it to warm the main – and this week, Kim and Pashi “saved” their panna cotta via the thaw. Doesn’t matter what kind of bind you find yourself in. Stay committed – and always have your ‘Plan B’ on deck, incase things go awry.

Jokes always win the day

We all had a hearty laugh when Jalal and Adrie revealed (between giggles) they call their kids Moeretjies. Because the kids are Moroccan and South African. Brilliant, no? Also, didn't you smile when you heard Kim and Pashi call their main a 'Bunny Study'?

Peasant food is a real thing

Pashi was almost marched off into the town square for casually throwing the term “peasant food” into a pretty serious conversation about grub and economics. Turns out, there is such a thing as peasant food – and he was not trying to be Snooty McSnootface. At all. We learn new things everyday, don’t we?

A bond is a bond is a bond

This seasons competing duos are proof that the length of time you’ve known someone, should never, ever limit your potential. Some teams have known each all their lives. Others? A year or thereabouts. But guess who’s on My Kitchen Rules Season 2? All of them! We love it.

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