How much sugar is in your drink?

09 March 2016
Obsession with sugary food has been described as similar to drug addiction. And with over 8-million South Africans considered obese, the pending sugar tax hopes to curb this addiction and growing statistic.

In May 2015 we covered sugar addiction and looked at Grethe Koen's sugar scale as part of our story. The scale compares a number of common beverages according to their sugar content. The often persecuted Coca-Cola has a bad reputation for its high sugar content, but looking at Grethe Koen’s  scale, there are some other transgressors we might be sipping unawares.

Who would have thought that the Fanta Grape many of us were so fond of in our childhood topped the sugary offenders from the selected beverages?

The Sugar Scale

[caption id="attachment_4683" align="alignleft" width="611"]
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Grethe Koen's Sugar Scale. Click to enlarge.[/caption]


Will you be able to cut down on - or give up - sugary drinks?

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