INFOGRAPHIC: Mediterranean Refugee Crisis

The European Migrant Crisis, more commonly referred to as the Mediterranean Refugee Crisis, has been making headlines for several years. As desperate individuals brave a torrid journey across the Mediterranean Sea, many never make it to the other side.

03 June 2018

The reasons for resorting to such an extreme vary... Some refugees are fleeing hostile, conflict-ridden countries while others seek better living conditions following years of famine, economic, political or climatic shifts. The journey by boat is treacherous, uncomfortable and highly uncertain. In many cases, boats are steered by wholly unqualified individuals, resulting in entire groups of refugees getting lost at sea.

As situations in such countries become more volatile, the refugee crisis is set to intensify - and authorities simply can't keep up.

For more info on the refugee crisis you can visit the International Organisation for Migration and the United Nations Refugee Agency.

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