Carte Blanche’s Response to Mayor Herman Mashaba

This past Sunday, Mayor Herman Mashaba was interviewed on the topic of the state of the City of Johannesburg’s road infrastructure.

24 April 2018

You can view The Road Paved With Potholes here. 

In response to the story Mr Mashaba tweeted the below - among other tweets which can be found here: @HermanMashaba.


We have a number of points to make regarding the above tweets and the due processes followed in our research and communication with the Mayor and his team.

Point 1
Mayor Mashaba was afforded the opportunity to comment on the issues related to him in the programme that aired, none of which was propaganda.

Point 2
Mayor Mashaba is incorrect regarding the interview date. We requested an interview on Friday, 13 April 2018 telephonically with the Mayor’s Spokesperson, Luyanda Mfeka and followed up with a formal email request as is evident below.


1530282156 34 mashaba 1


1530282213 34 mashaba 2


Point 3
On Monday, 16 April 2018 we followed up again with an SMS and WhatsApp message. After no response we escalated it to another DA representative that previously assisted with media requests.

We received an email later on Monday, 16 April 2018 from the Spokesperson Mr. Mfeka confirming the interview in principle for Wednesday at 13:00. Then on Tuesday, 17 April 2018, we received a call from the Mayor’s Spokesperson just before 11:00 asking us to be at the Mayor’s office at 13.00 on Tuesday. We had to reschedule the already-confirmed interviews for Tuesday to accommodate the Mayor.

Point 4
Mayor Mashaba stated that he did not know about the JRA Company Secretary Karen Mills’ case – this despite it being in Dr Sean Phillips’ mail to him. Dr. Phillips also said he raised it personally with the Mayor in his meeting with the Mayor.

1530603731 25 mashaba email

Point 5
As part of our investigation we looked at allegations around the establishment of a Project Management Unit (PMU) dealing with tender allocations to an outside company. While we asked the Mayor and the JRA about the matter, it was not included in the final story that aired as the PMU is still in discussion phase and it has not been decided if the unit will be established or not.

Point 6
Mayor Mashaba was unsure which investigations had been conducted by the city's independent investigations unit when we asked about investigations into the concerns raised by Dr Phillips and in Karen Mills’ protected disclosures. We wrote to the Spokesperson Luyanda Mfeka on Friday to confirm which investigations are being conducted, but he has yet to reply to us.

1530282340 34 mashaba 4


To further back up our case we have made the extended interview with Mr Herman Mashaba available to view online.

Extended Carte Blanche Interview with Mayor Herman Mashaba