e-Toll Poll not a Carte Blanche Initiative

03 January 2015
An email has been circulating stating, “As per Carte Blanche, if a million people don't register and refuse to pay for e-Tolls, the entire system will collapse.” We would like to state that this is in no way endorsed by Carte Blanche. Howard Dembovsky of Justice Project SA (www.jp-sa.org) said the following in an interview broadcast on 13 October 2013:

Howard Dembovsky: “If one million of those people say, ‘I am not getting your e-tag and I am not paying your e-Toll’ you are going to have to serve one million criminal summonses per month. You are also going to have to put them on the court roll; you are also going to have to hear those cases. Therefore, our criminal justice system will collapse.”

He was referring to a hypothetical scenario that could arise should people not buy e-tags.

Neither the Department of Transport, nor SANRAL made themselves available for an interview for the particular story. However, they confirmed that not paying tolls would be seen as an offence; and that the Criminal Justice System would be a last resort after invoicing and debt collection.