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08 June 2018

Young Doctor Crisis

Health Minister Dr Aaron Motsoaledi, has admitted that the public health system is ‘seriously distressed’ and confirmed that many medical posts are vacant, despite an ‘avalanche of patients’. But in the face of the human resource crisis, scores of newly qualified young doctors are sitting at home unemployed. Carte Blanche challenges the Department of Health about the planning, policies and processes that are failing the young doctors whose training has cost tax payers millions of rands, and whose lives now depend on their deployment. 

Producer: Mart-Marie Faure

Presenter: Devi Sankaree Govender

Researcher: Laura Byrne 


How’s my Driving?

From driving on the wrong side of the road, overtaking on solid lines and ignoring red lights – South African motorists have a bad reputation - and it’s not just taxi drivers. In 2017, over 14000 people were killed in car accidents and according to research, 90% of the fatalities were caused by human error and bad driving. With a high number of accidents and persistent road rage incidents, South African drivers are rated amongst the worst in the world.

Producer: Stenette Grosskopf 

Presenter: Claire Mawisa 

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Parole Board Bungle

Omar Sabadia made headlines in 1996 when he murdered his wife, Zahida, a medical student with three small children. The judge sentenced Sabadia to 50 years in prison and ordered that he serve a minimum of 35 years before parole could even be considered. Now after just 20 years in prison and despite his children’s objections, the parole board has granted his application and in just a few weeks, Sabadia will be out on parole. Carte Blanche asks: how did this happen?

Producer: Kate Barry

Presenter: Devi Sankaree Govender


Game Boy

Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and Elon Musk – these are just some of the great names who have shaken up techindustries. Now 16-year-old South African whizz-kid, Brandon Kynoch, could be the next game-changer. Within 24 hours of its launch, Torus., a digital mobile game that he designed and created, achieved one hundred thousand downloads on the Apple app store across the world – a huge achievement in the gaming world –especially for a teenager. Carte Blanche meets this gaming prodigy.

Producer: Sophia Phirippides

Presenter: Macfarlane Moleli 

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