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No one can forget the terrifying original movie Psycho, and the thrilling psychological ride that is Bates Motel brings that all back. The story of the slow unravelling mind of Norman Bates and his dominating mother begins when mother and son buy a motel and begin a grimy, bloody new life together.
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A Danger To Himself And Others

S4 | E1 28 March 21:00

'S4/E1 - A Danger To Himself And Others'. Unravel the origins of a killer in this chilling prequel to the classic horror film. In the season premiere, Norma searches desperately for Norman, who finds himself...

Creepy Accommodation

Which creepy TV hotel/motel would you not check into anytime soon?

Bates Motel
The Overlook Hotel
Hotel Cortez
The Great Northern Hotel

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