The Snowman: Six Serious Facts

We take a look at some interesting facts about this intriguing dark crime-thriller.

05 June 2018

Our Sunday night Movie, The Snowman is a crime-thriller set in Norway about a mastermind serial killer, starring Michael Fassbender and an acclaimed cast. In anticipation of this gripping masterpiece, here’s interesting facts about the movie that may surprise you.

Novel Origin

The movie is based on a novel by the same name, written by Norwegian writer Jo Nesbø. The novel is the seventh installment of the ‘Harry Hole’ series and was an international best-seller.

Big Name Directors

Both Martin Scorsese and Ridley Scott were originally linked with potentially directing this film, but instead the duty was handed to Swedish director Tomas Alfredson, best known for his critically acclaimed vampire film, Let The Right One In.

Music By Acclaimed Radiohead Member

Jonny Greenwood, member of iconic band Radiohead, created an original score for the film, however the music was never used.

The Actual Snowmen

The film features quite a few snowmen, which were created by a group of Norwegian children, in collaboration of DesignIce.

A Rushed Shoot

The filming in Norway was cut short so that production could move to London, which meant that up to 15% of the screenplay that was meant to be filmed, never was.

The Writer Himself

Jo Nesbø shot a cameo in the film.  The structure of the film had to be improvised alot and the original material had to be cut. The Jo Nesbø scene never made it to the final cut.

Got the facts! Now get ready for the spine-chilling hunt with Micheal Fassbender this Sunday. Watch The Snowman at 20:05 on #MNet101.

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