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Karen Zoid is South Africa's undisputed Queen of Rock. At the start of the new millennium she burst onto the homegrown scene with a vibe that would instantaneously turn her into a local music icon. 

Moving effortlessly between Afrikaans and English music, Karen has caught the eye of international publications such as Time Magazine, US News and World Report - all recognising her iconic status and influential power. Karen has also shared a stage with the world's best performers, including Annie Lennox, Metallica, Hothouse Flowers, John Mayer, Seal and UB40. 

Following previous stints on M-Net's Afrikaans channel kykNET, she recently spoke her mind as the President of The Republiek of Zoid Afrika. Apart from interviewing musos, politicians, artists and writers, Karen also releases songs from the show on iTunes, where she made SA music history by topping the SA iTunes chart at number 1 for three weeks in a row with three different songs. A fourth season of that show has just aired and featured her paired with the likes of Leon Schuster, Coenie de Villiers and the Greeformeede Blues Band.


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