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Widely known as the enigmatic frontman of The Parlotones, Kahn Morbee's distinct and distinguished vocal ability makes him an ideal coach for The Voice SA - in fact, he won the debut season with Richard Stirton. Kahn and The Parlotones entered the mainstream South African music industry in 2005 with 'Radiocontrolledrobot', which nabbed the SAMA award for Best Rock Album.

The Parlotones have travelled the world extensively, performing with the likes of Kings of Leon, Imagine Dragons, The Cure and Coldplay. They're also renowned for their creative ventures. The group sports their own wine brand and staged an original rock theatre production 'Dragonflies and Astronauts'. 

The Parlotones' achievements include a total of six SAMAs, four MK Awards, and two MTV Awards. Kahn recently opted to pursue a solo career as well, releasing an album called 'Milk', and towards the tail-end of 2016 he again rejoined The Parlotones for a successful tour of Europe.


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