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Post-Battle Backstage Bombs!

Here are some of the most LOL moments from Stacey’s interviews with winning Battle talent.

14 April 12:24

Our co-host and V-reporter Stacey Norman has a great rapport with The Voice SA, and an irreverent sense of humour to boot.

You can watch all of her interviews here, but we're doing a favour and round-up some of the silliest moments from her backstage post-Battle chats. Starting with…


Powerpuff Girls, a rogue fly, sexy mince… Pure, unadulterated entertainment!


Zee tries to take back control and makes a jibe about Stacey’s age. Still, she gets a crown out of the deal!


Very little about The Voice SA or the Battles, but there’s a great story about snakes!

Jacqueline and Al

In which the quest to find the female equivalent of “bromance” is solved – almost…


There were always going to be comedic fireworks with these two jokers, but we didn’t think it’d be this unmissable!

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