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Latest Videos

28 mn tvsa ep15 excl stacey prowl updated 005 pre video

Stacey’s Backstage Surprise

24 May 16:25

28 mn tvsa promo live show 2 006 pre video

The Voice SA Live Shows Continue!

24 May 14:39

28 mn tvsa2 ep16 hl goodluck video

GoodLuck Make Waves on The Voice SA

23 May 15:45

28 mn tvsa2 ep16 hl connell video

Cruise For Days

23 May 15:40

28 mn tvsa ep15 excl celebs red carpet pre video

The Live Show Red Carpet

23 May 15:35

28 mn tvsa vote promo 1 005 pre video

Vocalists’ Fates In Your Hands

23 May 13:18

28 mn tvsa ep15 excl dial direct stage tags 005 pre video

All of the lights…Oh that Stage!

22 May 17:00

28 mn tvsa hl stacey jules2 005 pre video

Greetings GoodLuck!

22 May 14:19

28 mn tvsa ep15 excl talent aftershow teamkaren video

#TeamKaren: Don't Disappear!

22 May 14:15

28 mn tvsa ep15 excl talent aftershow teamkahn 005 pre video

#TeamKahn: Faces & Numbers

22 May 14:05

28 mn tvsa ep15 excl stacey sam fatman 005 pre video

Saved: Fatman and Samantha Reflect

22 May 13:30

28 mn tvsa ep15 excl voting final 005 pre video

How To Vote in The Voice SA

21 May 18:55


Social thevoice 13140182917980759400000117 profile image

Willem Botha


Wie was jou gunsteling gisteraand op The Voice? Samantha het my weg geblaas met haar weergawe van Hero. #thevoicesa #thevoice

Social thevoice 13140182632093519200000116 profile image

Craig Lucas


One of the best thing about being in the @voicesa is the great friends you get to make. Blessed to have met these great people and musicians! 💗 #thevoice #TheVoiceSA #teamkahn #teamkaren #hardrockcafe #jozi

Social thevoice 13140182190739355400000115 profile image

Vocal Vibes


Rooting for you all the way @lukelovemore 🎤 The Vocal Vibes family is so proud of your achievements thus far. Your voice will take you to incredible places! #thevoicesa #top16

Social thevoice 13140182070365782000000114 profile image

lemogang tsipa


Colleagues turn to friends then become family. 🔥❤🔥 #TheVoiceSA #Mnet #isithembiso #IsithembisoMzansi #Cast #Queens #Kings #RedCarpet #MzansiMagic #ActorsLife #Actor #Fashion #MensWare #MensFashion #Swag #SwagLight #Gentleman #Shirt #ChineseAfrican #Detail #Photography #在非洲製造 My swag courtesy of @jermanpulan

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#TeamLira is performing LIVE this Sunday on @VoiceSA. To be my guests and watch them LIVE - post using the hash tag #TeamLira and You could be this week's lucky winners of 2 tickets of Insta, FACEBOOK and Twitter! Some some love #TeamLira #TheVoiceSA

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The Voice SA


All the excitement and the selfies with @miss_lira on #TheVoiceSA brand new set.

Social thevoice 13139927268000913800000111 profile image

The Voice SA


TOGETHER! Here is #TheVoiceSA Top 16 - so who do you think is gonna win this?

Social thevoice 13139926876786792200000110 profile image

Bryce MacMillan (Official)


Just jammin' it out with my G Lungi on the @voicesa😂 this was so much fun! #TheVoiceSA #cribwalk #dancing

In the know with Dialdirect

28 mn tvsa hl ep11 freddy symphony prep 3  005 pre video

Two Versus One

23 April 18:01

28 mn voicesa2 ep12 excl genre oke 1 2  005 pre video

Talents' Genre Mashups!

30 April 10:00

28 screen shot 2017 05 02 at 12.07.53 pm 005 pre video

Don't Stop The Coaches!

30 April 17:31

28 screen shot 2017 04 21 at 2.14.45 pm 005 pre video

Become a super fan with The Voice SA App!

07 April 12:20


28 pearlthusi mnet

Pearl Thusi talks Quantico

Local star talks working on US drama.

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