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Wearing It On Their Sleeves

Our coaches’ faces tell a story all by themselves.

13 March 12:06

Emotions are often running high in the Voice SA not least with our fabulous coaches! And they wear those feelings on their sleeves — well, on their faces, if you want to get literal.

There have already been some classic moments in the show: Lira’s astonished face upon turning around and seeing someone unexpected, Bobby’s jubilance at being chosen by a 4-turn talent, Karen wiping away a tear. We try our hand at interpreting their thoughts.

First up, we have our popular, sincere and very excitable Coach Bobby, who famously jumped over his chair last season.

34 bobby disappointed web 005 pre
"Ag no man."

34 bobby shocked web 005 pre
"I swear something just bit me!"

34 bobby intrigued web 011 pre
"Hmm, decent voice, good tone... I think I left the stove on."

34 bobby clowning web 011 pre
"Maybe I should get highlights. Did I remember to put the dogs outside this morning? I wonder what Annatjie is making for dinner. If the answer to life, the universe, and everything is 42, what is the question?"

The ever-expressive Coach Lira, "the preacher", is a crowd favourite! 

34 lira listening web 005 pre
"Ahhh, isn't that lovely."

34 lira unimpressed web 004 pre
"I have my eye on you, Bobby. Don't you dare steal my talent."

34 lira shocked web 005 pre
"I can't believe it! I was expecting a 60-year-old bearded Scotsman in a kilt/the Phantom of the Opera/Diana Ross." 

34 lira something web 005 pre
Nope, sorry. We have no idea.

Coach Karen is our resident softie, the leather-clad rocker with a heart of gold.

34 karen thinking web 005 pre
"Oppas boeta, you're not hitting those high notes."

34 karen considering web 005 pre
"Cool, cool, I can work with her voice... Man, I have to find out where that guy in the audience got his leather jacket. The fit is perfect!"

34 karen unimpressed web 005 pre
"Oh. Perhaps that cafeteria burger wasn't the best choice for lunch."

34 karen outrage web 003 pre
"Wait! That's my song!"

Finally, there's the enigmatic Coach Kahn with his quirky pitches, who every so often likes to remind his colleagues that he's Season 1's winning coach.

34 kahn1 web 005 pre
"If a tree falls in the forest but there's no one there to hear it, does it make a sound?"

34 kahn2 web 003 pre
"This is an occasion for Eckhart Tolle. Or maybe Paulo Coelho? Perhaps I should quote Mitch Albom instead. Wait, no! I've got it! It's time for Oscar Wilde!"

34 kahn3 web 005 pre
"Your voice is like a tree... No. Tree, roots, branches, leaves. Oak tree? Philodendron? Cycads can get pretty old, I think. As old as a tree... No. Ancient? Time? Back in time... Yes! Time travel. Your voice makes me travel back in time."

34 kahn smile web 005 pre
"Ooh, I like this one! Good voice, can play guitar, she'll be good in a band. I have lots of experience in a band... Karen's going to accuse me of working in a bank again, isn't she."

We love our coaches and their great sense of humour as much as you do, and we're wondering how those faces will change as we head to the Battles!

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