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Talent Lookalikes

There are a few celebrities who look uncannily like our talent!

19 March 19:00

The participants on The Voice SA are hugely talented performers with great voices and distinctive looks. But it certainly seems as if some famous celebrities have stolen their looks...

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Our Samantha Landers has a lovely face with distinctive eyes and bone structure and beautiful wavy hair. A temperamental singer called Mariah Carey looks the same! (Okay, Mariah also has an incredible range. We'll give her that.)

34 jacqueline suzelle 005 pre
Striking Jacqueline Tolken with her nightingale voice is a dead ringer for South Africa's favourite Suzelle DIY. Both of them are even wearing yellow!

34 bryce jsomething 005 pre
Okay, Bryce MacMillan is wearing a hoodie in this photo and you can't see his hair. But he looks uncannily like J.Something from SA group Mi Casa. We'd love to see you in a suit, Bryce!

34 jeannemari paula 005 pre
The hair, the cheekbones, the halterneck dress... Paula Abdul (singer, judge on American Idol and The X Factor) has definitely stolen Jeanne-Mari Engelbrecht's look. How rude.

34 mia miley 005 pre
Yes, all right, she now has short hair and a rather different style. But post-Hannah Montana Miley Cyrus with her long waves, bright smile and softly round face looks remarkably similar to Mia Pretorius.

34 marco tobey 005 pre
With his glasses, actor Tobey Maguire in Spider-Man immediately reminded us of our resident engineer, Marco Basson. At least Marco is much friendlier than dour Peter Parker.

34 michelle alicia 005 pre
With her bone structure and beautiful eyes, Alicia Keys looks just like lovely Michelle Benham, who danced with Bobby on stage and then broke his coach's heart. Michelle's long braids in particular is reminiscent of the singer's "Fallin'" days.

34 pj dj 005 pre
Actor DJ Qualls, forever to be known as "that guy from Road Trip", has an eerie resemblance to our only talent from Mpumalanga, Secunda's PJ Pretorius. Even their names are similar. DJ isn't only an actor, though; he's worked as a model. For Prada. PJ, a second career awaits!

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