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Last Blind Auditions of Season 2!

For the coaches, the stakes – and the pressure – are higher than ever.

17 March 14:59

Over the past six weeks the four Voice SA coaches have been on a mission to discover the most incredible, unique voices from around South Africa. They have been put through their paces as they’ve fought amongst themselves to get the best vocalists onto their teams, and this week, their teams will finally fill up as the last batch of talent audition in an attempt to win the remaining spots. Needless to say, the stakes – and the pressure – are higher than ever.

Going into this week’s episode, Team Karen has three spaces left, Team Lira and Team Kahn have two spots available, while Bobby only has room left for one more vocalist. As has come to be expected from this phase of the show, the performers this week are as diverse as they are talented. From someone who took unpaid leave to audition all the way from Secunda, to a dance teacher, an orchid cultivator, a number of over-30s and three professional songwriters, the coaches will certainly have their work cut out for them! Lira will even be brought to tears, as all of the talent sing their hearts out in the hopes of kick-starting their careers in the limelight.

By the end of this week’s show, each coach will have 12 talent in their team as the series moves into the Battle rounds of the competition. In the Battles, each coach couples up the 12 members of their teams to sing against one another in pairs. The talent will have to step into the boxing ring-styled stage and literally Battle against each other vocally, singing the same song together. It is then up to their coach to determine which one of them will advance to the next round, and which one of them will end their Voice SA journey there and then. The Battle rounds will start on Sunday, 2 April, as The Voice SA takes a one week break on Sunday, 26 March to make way for the live broadcast of Miss South Africa.

The Voice South Africa, sponsored by Dial Direct, is broadcast every Sunday night on M-Net channel 101 at 17:30 and every Monday night at 18:00 on M-Net City channel 115.

Join The Voice SA conversation on The Voice SA Facebook page, via Twitter on @VoiceSA and @VoiceSA on Instagram using #TheVoiceSA, #TeamBobby, #TeamLira, #TeamKahn and #TeamKaren hashtags. The Voice South Africa is produced for M-Net by AMPN and sponsored by Dialdirect.

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