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About the movie

It’s double trouble for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. A warlord by the name Kang breaks Shredder, a sewer-dwelling criminal, out of custody. His horrid plan involves a teleporter that will aid their mission to rule the world. The Turtles won’t stand for that!


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Megan Fox

3%20x%202%20%3a%2060%20percent willarnett

Will Arnett

3%20x%202%20%3a%2060%20percent laura linney

Laura Linney

3%20x%202%20%3a%2060%20percent tyler perry

Tyler Perry

3%20x%202%20%3a%2060%20percent brian tee

Brian Tee

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Brad Garrett

Hello, My Name Is Doris


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